Undertaking the Path of the Andean Shaman is a truly expressive journey into the self. Via a process of working with the medicine khuyas (stones) and building a mesa (altar). Tapping into the mystical cosmos comprised of living energy which heals you, your family and ancestry.

We explore the Shamanic six directions, the elements, and archetypes of Andean Cosmovision. The Walk of the Andean Shaman is truly transformative and builds a deep and profound connection to the natural world, the Unseen, and the Sacred Benign beings who work and guide us co-creatively.


  • Now in our 8th Year of Core Andean Shamanic Teachings

We welcome you to our classes on Walking the Path. Running 8 classes throughout 2022/2023. Beginning on September 18th 2022.

Where we share Wisdom teachings, and you can experience personal and familial healing. Ceremonies, Working with the elements, Journeying,  Rites and so much more. We will also be hosting an Aymaran Priestess here next year and the following year we go to Peru.

If you are called to this Mystical path then do contact me as places are limited, as we run small classes.

Throughout the years we also offer an Andean Healing course. Space & Land Healing, Negativity & Sorcery classes and more.



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Wexford, Wexford, Ireland

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